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The Global Energy Show

The Global Energy Show

The Global Energy Show, earlier which was known as the Global Petroleum Show, has served to unite the industry over its 55-year history. This event has brought buyers, sellers, stakeholders, partners, CEOs, young professionals, and the general audience together to share their knowledge and fuel innovation in the ever-changing energy landscape.

Where is it hosted?

The Global Energy Show, held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s energy hub, is the largest forum for collaboration between all energy sources to present innovation and technology that addresses reconciling rising energy demand with the requirement for a lower-carbon economy.

Global Energy Show

When will it be held?

The amalgamation of both technology and innovation can be seen from September 21, 2021, to September 23, 2021. Make sure to witness an event that leads to sustainable living.

About the Event

With the ever-increasing speed of the globe, everyone desires speed in their lives. However, satisfying the expectation of contributing to the climate cause while also meeting rising global demand with a single energy source is problematic.

The digital capabilities of future energy systems have included a new method of functioning. The resilience and evolution of industries and their convergence are what can be witnessed in this show.

From renewable oil and gas to nuclear and wind, solar, and geothermal energy, there is something for everyone. From hydroelectricity to hydrogen, the event will welcome the integration of many energy sources at this show to provide clean, economical, and dependable energy solutions.

Canada will hold a meeting to establish policy, people, and technology to make this audacious goal a reality. Over 30000 people are expected to attend, with over 300 experienced speakers. The gathering will feature over 600 exhibiting firms, as well as 15 NOCs and 30 IOCs.

Through the event, it is a step closer to sustainable living for a better future. This is Canada’s opportunity to exhibit energy leadership and innovation to the rest of the globe, demonstrating what is possible when people, technology, and imagination come together—building a sense of community and discourse by providing solutions to problems. A world in which everyone has access to clean, sustainable energy.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness something truly remarkable that will benefit both the global environment and humanity as a whole.

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